Pavilion, Traralgon, Australia

Pavilion 01 is envisaged as the first of a range of pavilions exploring a range of qualities, and as physical testing and learning modules for the students of TRY Australia.
The pavilion is constructed as a set of individual modules. Each module offers students the opportunity to learn a range of different skills and capabilities. These modules can be constructed by individuals, or small groups, that ultimately all contribute to the celebration of the completed pavilion.

Key criteria:
- teaching + learning (inc. certificate 1 + 2)
- learning to learn
- skill development (reading drawings, planning, time schedule, measuring, cutting, shaping, joining, etc)
- commercial viability, the pavilion (with the potential to be customised for) or its parts can be sold

The pavilion has 21 Box Module variations, and illustrated here are just a few of countless that can be designed to meet a range of skill and capability requirements. These can also be designed by students.

Dimensionally they operate within standard timber sizes, and utilise waste (off-cuts) from other projects, and as such have the potential to be sourced cheaply from other businesses.


Running time 4min51sec