Competition, Madrid, Spain

TERMINAL 40-3 exists as a result of merging and expanding transitory conditions of the periphery.  It is a folded cellular structure…spontaneous, organised and haphazard!

TERMINAL 40-3 is an urban park which embraces the transient conditions of the urban fabric and the ever changing facets of a natural landscape. This urban park invites the citizen to occupy, claim and construct traces that form and identify the evolutionary and transformative conditions of the park as a whole.

TERMINAL 40-3 no longer considers the park to be isolated and a preserved entity but  as a landscape which is a productive event scape; environmentally, socially and economically.  

Street markets, fruit picking, people exercising, open air performances, moonlight cinemas, outdoor cafes, vegetable gardens etc, all agglomerate into this transformative and event based landscape

TERMINAL 40-3 is a transitory hub constructed of inter-related cell membranes which merge, connect and distinguish the urban and rural edge of Madrid. Similar to the conceptual importance of an airport, this new urban park identifies the importance of its local condition and also its global connections for Madrid and Spain. The park only exists because of its connections and diverse edges at multiple scales.

TERMINAL 40-3 extends and infiltrates the park’s diverse peripheral conditions; the built urban fabric and vast urban forest.  The park is not an isolated condition but a viral, networked cellular structure which grafts and hybridises itself as it makes, and continually remakes, the landscape territories which construct the contemporary urban park.

The vastness of the existing arid surface is interrupted by the infestation of a connective tissue which breaks down the infinite terrain of Valdebebas into multi-scalar cells which reconnect the disparate array of edge conditions to each. It constructs an urban condition that draws upon, but is not clearly identifiable, as either rural, urban, agricultural, industrial, or residential but a genetic code which  has embedded these programmatic characteristics but also time to enable the cellular condition of this park to grow,  develop, adapt, transform and renew through  its evolutionary  process of what it was, is and can be! 

TERMINAL 40-3 is a contemporary urban park where time and formal/informal change are implanted systems that define the contemporary urban park.