Installation, Melbourne, Australia

sol.A is a kinetic sculpture developed in relation to the sun’s path and actuated by the sun’s solar energy specific to its location at Federation Square. 

sol.A acts as a visual recorder and translator of the space by harnessing the sun’s solar energy to physically animate itself and encapsulate the memory of its transformation over time. 

sol.A is a project that addresses environmental awareness, utilising the site’s natural environmental conditions to reveal creative possibilities for renewable energy. 

Sustainable technologies are increasingly becoming more important in our rapidly changing complex world. The sol.A sculpture aims to build an awareness of how these technologies are increasingly becoming a part of our lives and to challenge our attitudes and perceptions surrounding them.

If we consider design as an agent for imagining better ways of living, the sculpture seeks to demonstrate how solar energy may be utilised to be part of the both the urban and natural environments in which we inhabit. Unlike some attitudes that deem these technologies as ugly intrusions in our built and natural world, <b>sol.A </b>celebrates solar power in a visually engaging kinetic form.

OUTR in collaboration with kwodrent

Digital Field Animation and Construction Time Lapse

Running time: 4min

Deconstruction / Reconstruction Time Lapse

Running time: 1min