Sculpture, Ballarat, Australia

‘Scaler’ is a site specific dynamic sculpture that symbolises the renewal of the Delacombe community and the reclaiming of the park through the complex assemblage of discrete parts that coalesce the surrounding context to form a large cohesive dynamic body suspended over the water.

‘Scaler’ parametrically exposes collects and registers specific natural qualities and forces of the site, such as the wind and maximum solar energy paths, through the construction of a cellular surface. 

‘Scaler’ is a kinetic sculpture that is constantly responding to subtle environmental changes in the park and its surroundings. Solar panels power a field of LED lights that reflect off the internal copper shim skin of each scale cell, which in turn reflects dazzling animated patterns across the water. The lightweight scales themselves are hinged so as to flutter in the breeze, and consequently further animate the physical body and its reflected light projection.

At a distance individual cells become invisible within the body of the structure. Their autonomous nature is now not one of separation and isolation, but a new showcase and reading of a much larger community body that they are now part of.

Each scale is integrated with LED lighting and future proofed as a sculpture that has the ability to accommodate new technologies well into the park’s future.                

‘Scaler’ as the name suggests, can be re-sized to meet budget requirements, along with site or other unforeseen restrictions and opportunities. 

The sculpture is to be constructed from predominantly light weight metal based parts, demountable solar panels and low energy use LED lighting. The scales themselves are to be made from metal shim, with the larger metal structure being galvanised for protection from the elements.