Sculpture, Lorne, Australia

Paramorphic Skin (72) is a sculpture in a series of works that explores our perception of skin bound simultaneously in our physical and physiological being. The physical dynamic formation and evolution of abstracted cellular surface types challenges our perceptual notions of skin which act to define the body, and yet are also defined by it. 

If the body is delimited by its skin, does this infer that being is at the juncture of where the skin meets the world, or conversely, is the skin of the body an interface with the world that defines its being beyond its physical confines? How might differing perceptions of skin inform our reading of alien bodies?

The sculpture exposes and registers a digitally constructed cellular skin as a brief moment in time that is fractured through the physical constraints of its making. Cells and structure are broken down to create a physically new iteration of the skin that changes the notion of the body