Competition, Mexico
OUTR in collaboration with 0247

The idea for Mexico national library comes out of the premise that each book is a vector or a series of vectors within knowledge, making approximations and directly thought towards certain fields.

Book consolidate areas within our thought and seek to open new spaces within the unknown, our project explores the idea of a vectorial organisation emerging from the books and their relationships. Colliding, forming clusters and exploring new connections, thus challenging the very notion of fields of knowledge and presenting an idea of spaces and surfaces that in act within each other. Some books have transformed these relations by linking diverse themes and establishing direct connections between them, carving specific tunnels that connect areas of knowledge. The whole library is a single surface transformed by the vectors of the books, carving spaces as carving knowledge itself. 

Sunken patios appear as voids or sunken patios, where the books form the retaining walls of the spaces carved in the ground. Tunnels carved between the sunken spaces linking different themes and establishing connections between them. 

The roof connects both forests in from and the back and covers both, the sunken patios and reading surface above. The roof is slightly elevated surface, which is composed out of a structural system reacting to the changes in surfaces below. The roof produces a single space on the top that in some places is open by the shifting and transformation of this structural system. 

The openings get light, sun and the means to access freely the library. 

The library should be read as the anti-object. Less a noun, or something you could name, and more of a verb or action you could describe.