Competition, California, USA
OUTR in collaboration with 0247

Green-stops for California central valley is a framework which enables carious possibilities, orders and measures where ideas of respite, leisure, orientation and the landscape are fused together to operate as coexisting ecologies. Where both functional and ecological landscape together graft into and operate harmoniously with its existing context. The symbiotic nature of these ecologies formulates a manual of construction possibilities. The development of the manual allows for the adapt ion of many unique green stops in various locations. 

From green stops to link spot. 
The term green spot abstractly as a word allows for linguistic play that opens up the diagram potential for what could otherwise be considered a mundane utility. 

The term green-stop evolved > g-stop > g-spot > green-spot > link spot. From a place of repose to a specific zone of excitement (arousal) to an abstract region of plant densities to a diagrammatic design notion of how drawing and computer aided design tools can be the stimulus for the organisation of a rose side place of repose and refreshment.

The section of the valley and ridges of the site plan can easily be identified as a series of spots. The design journey begins with the spots. These rounded regions defined artificially designed perimeters that house different ecologies.