Design Research Proposal, Global

OUTR is currently working on a research proposal called ‘Urban Dating’. The project will co-ordinated by Karres en Brands, Hilversum, NL, in collaboration with OUTR, Melbourne, AU, BRUT, Brussels, BE, and MandaWorks, Malmö, SE. 

In the future, land development will result from mixes of parties in coalitions. Future work in this area is to focus on adaptations to the existing city. This will change the nature of urban design, to a profession without a set programs and one that is a component of flexible coalitions, intelligent strategies and adaptive systems. These new challenges may bring with them risks of error, but also the possibility to learn and innovate. The forming of coalitions is difficult, the limitations and the opportunities of (inner) city locations can be overlooked, and assessments are often poorly translated into viable and financially feasible intervention models.

Urban Dating explores the process of networking and coalition forming through the examination of various dating and match making sites. It aims to setup modelling processes where the matchmaking of stakeholders & landscape, economic & political systems are made in a less formal and more convivial atmosphere where jointly supported and adaptive conditions for a project can be explored and formulated.

OUTR's Rosalea Monacella will be running an intensive 2 week upper pool studio in collaboration with Karres en Brands Landscape Architects, The Netherlands. The Studio will run from 10am – 4pm in weeks 13 & 14 of June, 2011.

Image: Madelon Vriesendorp, Après l'amour, c.1976. From Delirious New York by Rem Koolhass, 1978.