The majority of people who walk on the pier will do so out of a mix of curiosity and adventure, to be out to sea, in the elements, exposed and vulnerable. They might only ever visit it once, Others may know it intimately and use it every day.

We intuitively recognise that there is something to the pier beyond its maritime function, They are mythical structures, that connect the town to its founding, To a sense of arrival, that has not been maintained in our age,  by walking the pier we re-enact how other people arrived as if we can experience a place for the first time again.

Our design is intentionally configured as a structure that can be explored, The pathway extends up, over and around the pier, at times shielding, protecting and at other times daring the visitor further than that they might have intended to go, out walkways, into lookouts where the observer can stand aside and review how the pier is used in a routine everyday sense,  As turnaround for a morning run,  As the end of a swim, As a regular fishing spot , As the gathering of a crew, the start of a voyage or just a place the paper is read over coffee.