Design Research Studio, LaTrobe Valley, AUSTRALIA.

The Studio is part one of a research study into resource landscapes in the LaTrobe Valley conducted with students. Please visit IntotheVoid to see the part two.

The MineGraft design studio looks at resource landscapes and the possible ways that these landscapes might be reformed through a range of material organisations and parametric understandings of behaviour.

Resource landscapes are formed by the continuous flows of materials and energy that is driven by society’s consumptive needs. The design studio is exploring the material transformation, existing  infrastructures, and terraforming opportunities. This exploration will be conducted through a dynamic spatio-temporal framework in which the landscape is considered as a continually adaptive condition.

The design studio will focus on the open cut coal mines of Latrobe Valley in particular Loyang’s open cut brown coal mine and its surrounding context, which has a projected expansion of tenfold from the current area occupied.

These explorations will be conducted through the digital and physical models.