Design Research Studio, Melbourne, Australia

This is an intensive studio that will examine the possibilities of ideas emerging from an investigation of site through a material thinking approach to design. We will be considering the site, and the designed response to site, as a complex and dynamic set of material and phenomenological relationships continually constructed and destroyed through time.

The brief is to design a landscape pavilion, and in part, the outcome will be to define what a landscape pavilion may be as determined by an examination of your own work. There is an avalanche of pavilion precedents that we can interrogate in order to assist us to understand what a pavilion may be, and how we might explore it materially.

The approach was through a rigorous process of making that includes scale + scaleless models, 1:1 prototypes to be tested on site, and drawing.

01. an object of pleasure
02. entropy translated/transformed
03. dynamic bodily experience
04. a dialectice between the physical
landscape and its temporal context
05. large or small
06. ?

The work below is from the students Caitrin Daly, Ella Gauci-Seddon and Heather Stevenson.