Community Learning Space, Traralgon, Australia.
Designed in collaboration with Neighbourhood House & Digital Shed.

The Victorian Railways Institute (VRI) Hall is a community based project for the Traralgon Neighbourhood House’s & Digital Shed project and the Reactivate Latrobe Valley project. The aim is to give the local community a creative hub to learn, explore, and share new skills, knowledge, and activities.

The VRI Hall will encourage locals to be part of the community and understand that they live within a wonderful web of broader networks that exist in the neighbourhood. The building sits adjacent to the Traralgon train station and is well connected to the rest of the city centre via a pedestrian bridge. The VRI Hall will be acknowledged as being a part of an existing recreational and educational network that serves the town. The hall is near local bicycle and walking networks that connects and forms a green network of local parks. The VRI learning space can take advantage of this network extending learning into broader community, for example within the parks.

The VRI Hall can accommodate over 20 different types of activities at one time varying in size; ranging from yoga, to gardening, to woodworking, and to electronics classes. The space available will be shared, with activities running simultaneously, with new classes popping up spontaneously. The simple element of a long curtain is introduced to provide a temporary and flexible ordering device throughout the space while maintaining an element of playfulness that still allows for new activities to fill in the space organically. 


The intention of this workshop was to work with the stakeholders and local community to develop the program brief for the development of the community shed. Through the course of the day inspiring ideas where generated that begin to define the physical space, the identity, and the aspiration for how the Shed might operate in, with and for the community of the Latrobe Valley.

A wonderful range of participants identified, discussed, and created models that imagine a future for the shed as a place of sharing, learning, and celebrating life in Latrobe Valley.