Design Research Studio, Porto Alegre, Brazil

The Studio is part one of a two part research study into waterfronts in Brazil. Please visit superfantasicRIO to see part two.

Many cities around the world, including London’s Canary Wharf, Barcelona’s 1992 Olympics, Melbourne’s Docklands, Melbourne’s Birarungmar, and Sydney’s proposed Barangaroo to name a few, are in a perpetual state of renewal. The city of Porto Alegre realises it has an opportunity to develop its redundant waterfront as a means of rejuvenating and redefining itself. The studio considered the city as a living thing in a complex ever changing world of rapid urbanisation. It required a line of enquiry of which some of these questions were; "what are the potentials of this project, how do you grow a city, could this site be a park and what kind of park could that be, what relationship is to be constructed between the water and the city, who will inhabit this site, and how will this redefine the city?"

The work below are from a design called: Morphogenesis: Encoding livable surfaces, by Matthew Hamilton + Niki Schwabe

The work below are from a design called: Urban-fields, by Michaela Prescott