Long Drop, as the project is fondly referred too, was conducted between OUTR and Peter Brew from Architects Branch for Parks Victoria.

The project ultimately saw the production of a comprehensive catalogue and series of design refinements for the Coastal Amenities Buildings that were originally designed by Peter and are to be constructed via prefabrication in parks throughout the state.

 A number of options were visualised and produced by developing a highly accurate digital model, which also became a critical part of the re-designing of the Amenities Building, and the production of the catalogue. The document included a number of subtle variations to the overall form and appearance so as to allow an individual park to customise the form and size to their own unique requirements, but that still utilised the same set of fundamental details and sub structure to keep construction costs low.   Therefore, each park can establish a subtly difference type of building.

Varied climatic, functional and aesthetic requirements can be met and amended locally, while for Parks Victoria, a similar language of buildings would exist across the whole state.