#GetSunflowered is part of the larger project, ReActivate Latrobe Valley. Its mission is to activate sites for temporary uses while waiting for more permanent forms of development. 

Get Sunflowered, a project by RMIT’s OUTR Research Lab in collaboration with artist Ben Morieson.

The sites range from a simple paddock at the entrance of one town, to overgrown tennis courts, an old hospital site and redundant service stations in the centre of town.

The project is part of the Reactivate Latrobe Valley initiative and will see a number of different spaces across Latrobe City come to life when thousands of sunflowers bloom in summer.

By planting the flowers, we can see how spaces we no longer use can be transformed into something beautiful. 

In the process, the project brings people together to make positive change.

Each site will be transformed through a range of sunflower designs that will allow people to have different experiences, creating a happy and vibrant trail right through our city.

The sunflowers will be planted in November 2014, the flowers will bloom in February and they will be harvested in March 2015.