Exhibition Structure, Shanghai, CHINA.

OUTR were invited to create the structure to be used as an exhibition space by the Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development for the 2010 Shanghai Design Biennial. Housing a range of displays, the pavilion is focused on the experience of visitors through the striated semi-permeable structure that simultaneously defines it as ‘a part’, and ‘apart’, of the exhibition hall.

"The concept that underpinned the work was thinking about how a visitor would experience the space. We were hoping that visitors would see the pavilion as a spatial experience rather than just a display. We aimed to integrate the structure and visiting experience in itself." 

The Design and fabrication of the structure was carried out and documented entirely in 3D. Although a traditional constructional drawing set was produced for the contractors to build from, the design itself was tested and developed in 3D packages, and parametric software (Rhino’s grasshopper). One tactic was to develop a set of construction techniques that were driven by technology itself, such as computer numerical cutters. The outcome was always driven from this understanding, and evolved through iterations and the testing of the forms interplay between light and shadows, private and the more public areas.