Terra Fluxus

Terra Fluxus is a recorder of the dynamic medium of landscape.


Green-stops for California central valley is a framework which enables carious possibilities, orders and measures where ideas of respite, leisure, orientation and the landscape are fused together to operate as coexisting ecologies. 


TERMINAL 40-3 is an urban park which embraces the transient conditions of the urban fabric and the ever changing facets of a natural landscape. 

ready grow - ready go

Ready Grow - ready go is an international ideas competition for the design of a family home in bushfire ravaged areas of Victoria.  

miami metromover

The Metromover Station is a place of interaction, a node, and an icon within the urban fabric of the new arts precinct downtown Miami. 

meditative urbanism

The master plan for the 30-acre post-industrial site in Louisville considers the sub central area as an economic and urban core for the wider surrounding territory of the Irish hill neighbourhood region. 

Mexico Biblioteca

The library should be read as the anti-object. Less a noun, or something you could name, and more of a verb or action you could describe. 

connective landscape

connective landscape is a continuous surface that connects the mall with the museums by the lake.


The flood laboratory is a landscape corpse subject to the floods and variations of the Usumacinta river currents. The laboratory is a contemporary art and esculoric gallery in dry season and a flood shelter against flooding in the wet season.


Point Zero tests the decoding of the QR code through distortion, utilising the one point perspective construction method. 


re-hiding engenders the re-use, re-cycling, re-distributing and re-generation of components of the existing territory. 

72 Hour Urban Action

72 Hour Urban Action is an international rapid architecture and design festival, defined by community needs, an extreme deadline, a tight budget and limited space. 


sol.A is a kinetic sculpture developed in relation to the sun’s path and actuated by the sun’s solar energy specific to its location at Federation Square. 

Augmented Landscape

augmented landscape explores an approach to climate change, which is both about protection and transformation of the landscapes we occupy.


Atmospherics is an enhanced cyborg landscape in which the biological, artificial and technological are merged to enhance and celebrate the existing ecologically conditions. 

24 Hour Safe City

The goal of this project is to facilitate exploration of safe 24 hour city strategies, using advanced technologies involving interactive, agent-based simulations of user-defined scenarios. 

Paramorphic Skin (72)

Paramorphic Skin (72) is a sculpture in a series of works that explores our perception of skin bound simultaneously in our physical and physiological being.


‘Scaler’ is a site specific dynamic sculpture that symbolises the renewal of the Delacombe community and the reclaiming of the park through the complex assemblage of discrete parts that coalesce the surrounding context to form a large cohesive dynamic body suspended over the water.

Try Timber Pavilion

The pavilion is constructed as a set of individual modules. Each module offers students the opportunity to learn a range of different skills and capabilities.